Dec 4, 2009

New window sticker/cling

One thing that sounds easy but isn't is making good inside window stickers. The reason is because the inkjet printer does not produce white ink. You would think that you could just buy some clear normal window cling and then print any images onto it and then stick it on the window. This doesn't work at all well because if the image has white or light coloured areas this will just print out clear and not show the colours. Also with normal window cling you have to print the image in reverse if you want it to show through the window or you have to stick the sticker on the outside of the window. The only way clear window cling works is if you use dark colours or black lettering. It is very difficult to make a white window sticker because you have to attach the white print out on the outside of the window and you can't create a sticker which can be viewed from the outside.
We have sourced a great new window sticker/cling which makes white or clear window stickers which can be viewed from the inside of the window. The paper we sell isn't a printer paper, and it is effectively a sticker that is applied to any kind of paper or card. You print out what you like using your inkjet or laser printer or you could use a drawing or a painting instead, the sticker does not have to be produced using a printer at all. The window sticker paper is an adhesive sheet which is attached to the front of the print you want to show on the window. The trick here is how to make the front surface of the picture sticky so it can be attached to the inside of the window. Once you have applied the adhesive sheet to the paper, you are left with quite a thick sheet, it looks a little like a laminating sheet. If you make stickers for schools or charities then you can make them and sell them at this state. The next stage is the clever bit, there is a very thin film on top of the adhesive sheet, you will need to use a craft knife or a sharp nail to find this film. Find the edge and then pull off completley, to reveal a sticky surface to the print out. You then just attach it to the inside of the window. What is also great is that you can take if off again and reposition without leaving any resisdue. Leave the sticker for as long as you like and take it off and you wouldn't know it had been there. Like some window clings you have to apply a little bit of moisture to get them to stick again, our paper keeps it stick very well so you won't have this problem either.

Some pre-made stickers can be very expensive to buy but now you can make very professional looking stickers quickly and easily. We think they would be great for schools and charites, showing off artwork or selling stickers for cars. You can also make temporay stickers to advertise an event on the inside of a car window. Shops can use them to enhance their windows with decorations for christmas or advertising promotions. The uses are endless, watch the video on the site to see how easy they are the make.

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