May 17, 2013

Scenic Candle Holders

After spending some time in Derbyshire last weekend I couldn’t help but be inspired by the beauty of being outdoors. Although the weather forecast suggested heavy rain, the weather was tolerable and there were plenty of opportunities to take photographs which of course I did. I have selected my four favourite compositions which I will be using to decorate wooden candle holders but you can use more if you prefer extra detail or a contrast of images on each holder.

To start off with I have painted the wooden candle holders with acrylic paint. I would recommend using at least 2 coats as the surface is quite absorbent and this will ensure it is sealed well.

Blue is always a nice base colour for landscapes because it provides a harmonious colour balance overall.

The photographs that I have chosen have been cropped to measure the surface area around the candle holders and I have lightened the images before printing onto the Inkjet Lazertran as the colours appear darker due to the coating on the paper.

After soaking the Inkjet Lazertran in water for up to 15 seconds your image is now ready to be transferred. I found that placing the candle holder on its side works best because it’s easier to transfer the image and then rotate the holder working your way back to the start and making sure all the air bubbles have been removed in the process.


Finally, I have applied a coat of acrylic varnish over the wooden candle holders after leaving them to dry for 24 hours. You can also use an oil-based varnish if you want to have a transparent background and see more of the base colour through your prints. Why not try using brighter background colours for a bolder look or multiple colours on each candle holder to create vibrant landscapes.