Mar 8, 2010

Competition results for download and graphics competition

We organised a small competition this year for any projects which were created using any of our downloadable graphics and graphics CDs. We had a great response to the competition and we have now posted the results on the site. The winnner was Lynne Neil who made a lovely card using the poppy graphics and decoupage techniques. Runners up were Emy Buxton with her cup cake card, May Brechany which a lovely card showing a vintage lady and the dutch backing papers. Our last runner up was Susan Skipper who made this large card using backing papers and a vintage image from the vintage graphics CD. There were other entries we had to show and they were awarded a highly commended award. Although we were sent many greetings card designs we did have a fabulous entry from Richard Dimmock who made some very original projects creating scenes using many of our downloadable graphics. We have only shown one photo on the website but there were other projects created by Richard. They took many hours to achieve and we thought they were fabulous.  We hope you enjoy looking at the entrants. We always hold a big competition every summer which is open to all standards and covers all the products we sell, we will be announcing the begining of this competition in June 2010 and entrants usually have to be in by the end of August.