Sep 26, 2009

Here are some occassion card kits we have made

We have made some more occassions card kits. We have Mother's day, Valentines, New Home, Sorry, Happy Birthday, Butterfly theme and Easter.. We will be putting these card kits on the site soon so you will be able to download them.

The card kits are easy to make. You will have one or two sheets which you print off using any kind of inkjet paper. We printed the sheets off using inkjet card, but you could use parchment paper, vellum, anything which has a little bit of body will work well. You need an A4/A5 card blank. You cut out the conponents which have all been sized to fit this size of card. Stick them to the card blank and then use some silicon glue to add the decoupage. All the components are easy to cut out using a craft kife or a pair of scissors.

Love card for Valentines
Do you think there are enough card ideas on the internet. I have done searches and haven't come up with much which is inspiring. Do you know of any good sources for inspiration?

Sorry card

New home card middle section

Mother's day card front

Mother's Day card centre, this is an easy pop up card

New Home front

Happy Birthday card

Butterfly center

Butterfly front, This care was made using an original water-colour painted by Charlotte. The painting was scanned into Abobe photo shop and edited further.

Christmas card ideas

We have been working on our new CD and here are some ideas for some christmas card kits. They are still work in progress and we wondered what you thought of them. We try and make the card kits as easy as possible and othere with more advanced skills can edit them further. I have upload these photos of what we have done so far.

Hello we are now back blogging

Hi Everyone
It has been a long time since we last posted on this Blog. We have added a new link from the site's home page so you can come straight here to add you comments. Look forward to hearing from you soon