Nov 6, 2009

Video showing how to use the Peep Show cards

If you would like to watch the video showing how to make the Peep Show Cards then please go to
You will see a link on this page which will open up the video to watch. We have tried to show in as much detail as possible how they are made. You can also download the written instructions from this page too.
We would love to hear your comments

Free Christmas Card kits and graphics to download

We know how hard times can be at Christmas so we wanted to give our customers something for FREE. We have added a new page of free christmas card kits and graphics to download. There is a real mixture there and all are free to use of pass on to your friends. All of them are easy to use, just save them on your hard drive and print them off as you need them.
We really hope they give you some inspiration and you enjoy making them for your friends and family this Christmas