Nov 26, 2007

Well done Cazz

Well done Cazz for raising £3106 for Children in need. We had this photo taken with her when we were at the Hobbycrafts NEC. She was having her photo taken with everybody who had been on TV. She is on a large forum called e-magination and she asked all the members to pay money to see the photos. What a good idea!!! We gave her some cd's to sell which she managed to auction off. I think there should be more people like CAZZ well done from Crafty Computer Paper.

Nov 21, 2007

Please vote for us

We have just entered the North-East Digital Awards. If you think we deserve it please will you vote for us. If we get lots of votes then we will be shortlisted for an award. It would be great if we could get an award!!!
You need to go to this link to vote, you just click on the link vote and that is it!! VOTE HERE

Back from the NEC

Hi Everybody and sorry we haven't added any more info to this Blog for a few weeks. We have been so busy being at the NEC and then catching up when we got home. Poor Jane was ill so we have been one man down, I am glad to say she is on fighting form again now.
We had such a good time at Hobbycrafts. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel (they had a special offer). It was very comfortable but very very expensive, you needed to take out a second mortgage if you wanted a drink. One night we slightly over celebrated and all suffered badly the next day.
The show was great and it was brilliant meeting all the customers, I was amazed at how many customers came with their 15% discount vouchers. We had planned the stand differently this year which I think worked well. We made it look like a market stall so customers could see the products better, they didn't have to come into the stand like last year.
Jan a new member of staff had such a good time she is missing the time she spent down at the show, we met some lovely people all very kind and enthusiastic with their comments about the products and the company.
It is great for all of us to come down and see our customers, we normally only ever talk to people on the phone or the email so it was great to see some faces.
Thank you to all those who we met and bought products from the stand.

Nov 1, 2007

Hobbycrafts the NEC 8th-11th November

We are getting ready to go to our annual show at the NEC. It always turns out to be a bit of a works do and we always have a good time. It's great to get away and meet new people and see the customers. We all have young families and it's great to have a break from the cooking and cleaning and general day to day duties. We will be staying in the NEC Hilton which will be a treat and it means we don't have to hit the motorways in the morning and worry about the traffic.

We have made some changes to our stand and we want to make it more like a market stall with bunting and lots of bright colours. We hope it works and we can hide behind the tables when it gets too busy. Last year it was amazingly busy on the Saturday we couldn't believe the amount of people who were there. This will be the last time we will do the NEC and we are hoping to go the Glasgow next year for a change. Glasgow is only 2 hours away and it will be great to see our Scottish customers.

Let us know if anyone is going to be at the NEC, do pop in an see is. I can't remember the stand name but we are on a corner somewhere in the middle.

Look forward to seeing you and I will post later to let you know how we got on.