Dec 2, 2009

We apoligise to Viv Cash

I have been meaning to do this for ages but we have to apoligise to Viv Cash who very kindly sent us in the most beautiful project for the Crafty Competition 2009. We have contacted her and apoligised but we felt we had to tell you what happened and apoligise to her publicly.
We had all her projects in a bag in the back of the car, Charlotte took them to the photographic studio to take photos of the work to add to the website. She then put them back in the car for the weekend to take back to the office on Monday. Over the weekend her husband filled the car with rubbish to take to the tip and threw away everything from the back of the car, including Viv's lovely work plus a great deal of Charlotte's finished cards (2 weeks of work) at the same time. It was awful and we felt so bad this had happened because we know how much work went into making these projects.
Viv used the cotton inkjet fabric sheets to make and embroider a beautiful cover using her own designs and embellishing further with beads etc. She also made a lovely pin cushion. The only saving grace was we had taken the photos of the work and we wanted to show them on this post.
Sorry Viv this happened! We did send her a goodie bag of fabrics to make up for her loss and we look forward to seeing what she made with these fabrics. Viv is a very old customer of ours which made it even worse and I hope she has fogiven us!!

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