Feb 5, 2008

We have just added Video to the site

We have just started to add videos to the site. We are adding small video demos on how to use some of the products. Charlotte has been learning how to add the videos and has had great fun in the process.
It is much harder to add video as opposed to still photography to the site. You need good lighting and the right equiptment. She started off buying Sony handycam video recorder, it took ages to choose the make and model as there is so much mind boggling info about each camera. She then had to add some hardwear to her computer this was an ilink cable port, this was very easy to do and only took a few minutes. The reason she added an ilink port was so that the quality of the video was better than using a USB port. The she bought some good lights which cost about £350 and some software Sony Vegas movie software. All this investigating took about 1 month but eventually she managed to work it all out and has had a great time putting the videos together. We have started off with the product how-to's and then we will be starting the on-line craft course, showing customers how to make projects, these will be free to view, we will email when they are ready.
If you have any questions about how to get video on your site, do post here with any questions and We will be very happy to help.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking time to develop the video side of your website.
It is FANTASTIC. Especially good for those of us who work full time and don't always get to see you all on Create and Craft Ideal World.
I hope it generates lots of sales for you and I think it's amrk of how much you value your customer care that you have learned new skills to help illuminate and demo the products for us.

Long may you thrive !!

Tricia in Newcastle Upon Tyne