Feb 29, 2008

North-East Business Awards result

Hi Everybody, We didn't win the Internet and ICT award last night but we did get a very nice certificate with FINALIST. We were very proud of ourselves as there weren't many girls there and out of 11 awards and 33 shortlisted people there were only 4 women. Only 1 woman won an award, congrats to her. We had a delicious dinner at the Gosforth Park Hotel and we were all feeling slightly jaded today but we kept carrying on. I should be in bed now but I just wanted to write this post first.
It was really exciting when it was our turn. I had to go up on stage with the other entrants and we had a watch a 45 sec film about each business, so pleased the dogs Pops and Lulu were on the film too. We then had a quick speech and the award was given to Northumbria University. I don't think you can compare our businesses and as they turn over 25 million a year, we didn't have a look in. Not to worry congratulations to them.

We have also been shortlisted for another award in the Final of the North-East Business Awards. This does not have regional catergories so we have been short-listed straight into the final. The award is for best Cultural and Creative business in the North-East. We are up against Stage Coach the threatre school and a local art/coffee shop. I think with winning awards it is luck and up to what tickles the judges fancy. If we don't win we will get another certificate to hang on the wall in the office.

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