Nov 1, 2007

Hobbycrafts the NEC 8th-11th November

We are getting ready to go to our annual show at the NEC. It always turns out to be a bit of a works do and we always have a good time. It's great to get away and meet new people and see the customers. We all have young families and it's great to have a break from the cooking and cleaning and general day to day duties. We will be staying in the NEC Hilton which will be a treat and it means we don't have to hit the motorways in the morning and worry about the traffic.

We have made some changes to our stand and we want to make it more like a market stall with bunting and lots of bright colours. We hope it works and we can hide behind the tables when it gets too busy. Last year it was amazingly busy on the Saturday we couldn't believe the amount of people who were there. This will be the last time we will do the NEC and we are hoping to go the Glasgow next year for a change. Glasgow is only 2 hours away and it will be great to see our Scottish customers.

Let us know if anyone is going to be at the NEC, do pop in an see is. I can't remember the stand name but we are on a corner somewhere in the middle.

Look forward to seeing you and I will post later to let you know how we got on.


All Pink girl said...

I carn,t wait to come and see you at the NEC next week ,Dawn

bubblegum said...

Great to see your blog up and running. Good luck at the NEC. :)

Debbie x

Shiba Stitcher said...

Good luck with your new blog. Three of us are coming to the NEC next Thursday and will say hello. Lovely pics of the dogs. We have Japanese Shiba Inus, and we work from home, so we know how nice it is to have the company of dogs each day.

Anonymous said...

Love your products, Can I ask a question about which graphics were used to decorate the first example of the Rayher accordion card/ book at your site. The one with Love on it ? It's gorgeous.
Are the graphics downloadable ? Good luck at the NEC

Trish x

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!!! Your dogs look gorgeous: haven't got one myself but thinking about it..

Good luck at the NEC - I don't think I can persuade hubby I need a trip to Birmingham although I could give it a try :o)

I've signed up for the affiliate program and got your little ad on my blog now. I don't have great amounts of traffic, but hopedulyl I'll spread the word.

And thanks for my diaries - they arrived safely today!