Oct 31, 2007

The Office Dogs

Here is a picture of Pops and Lulu who are our office dogs. They are so cuddly and sweet!!! we love them. Do any of you take your dogs to work? We are lucky because the office is situated on a farm so we can just open the door and they have so much freedom, we just have to watch out for the tractors and the odd sheep and they are fine. Pops is the Mother of Lulu and they are mini wired haired Dachshunds. I don't know anyone else who has this breed of dogs, I'd love to hear from any Dachshund owners!!


bubblegum said...

How cute are your dogs - lovely :)

Debbie x

Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

You just can't beat having pets around the office - so calming!

Our newest kitten has taken to falling asleep on someones lap while they're at the computer. You end up with a very warm lap!

We'll try and grab a picture and post it on our own blog.

Great idea and good luck at the show!

Jonathan - Fabulous Photo Gifts

ffroggie said...

Hi, I don't exactly have a Daxie, but I do have half of one! lol. Mine is Dax/Jack Russell,, short, but long :-)

) )
l l

not very good I know, but fun hehe

leoledog said...

How great that you have daxies - I've had them for 55 years now, my largest number at one time was 6 - four longs and two wires, and at the moment I have 3- one elderly wire gentleman of 17years, a wire girl of 18months, and a chocolate long haired girl of 2 years. Both the girls will be having babies so hopefully I'll be up to about 2 dozen in no time! You just can't beat having daxies about the place for creative inspritation!