Mar 6, 2013

Mother's Day Surprise!

For those of you who are stuck for ideas on Mother's Day why not surprise your mum with a beautiful pop up vase to accompany her bouquet of flowers.


These flat packed flower vases are made by a company called Blooming Simple…because that’s what they are! Simple, yet very effective.

They are really easy to personalise and if you need to send them through the post so they arrive with your flowers just keep the 2 pieces separate and let your mum put them together. There’s no need to worry about your flowers fitting because these fun, waterproof pop up vases are available in 2 sizes!

The vase is made from heavy duty white card which you can decorate with various materials including paper, printable fabrics and not to mention our dry rub off decal paper. The durable, cellophane inner lets you fill it with water to keep the flowers happy.

Step 1

Decorate the 4 sides of the vase

Step 2

Decorate the base if you wish.

If you are sending the vase through the post …your work is now complete! If not…carry on to the next step.

Step 3

Squeeze the 2 sides to expand the vase

Step 4

Peel off the protective tabs on the base to reveal the adhesive tape

Step 5

Slide the tabs on the vase into the slots on the base and fold the tabs out onto the adhesive strips.

Fill the vase or pot to about 1/3 full and buy a nice bunch of flowers. Say it with flowers and a vase!

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