Dec 17, 2007

watch us on Create and Craft 3rd January

We will be appearing on Create and Craft on the 3rd January at 2pm. it will be a live show and we will be showing our new CD, 'Crafty images Emporium'. We are in the process of making all the samples and we will post them all on the site before the show. You will be able to download the images we have used for FREE and make the cards for yourself. We will only tell the mailing list customers and who ever reads this blog. We will let you know when they are posted on the site and on this blog.
We hope the show is at 2pm, the last time we went on they got the time wrong and it was a diaster because we told everybody the wrong time. We even sat down to watch it from here and when it didn't come on we realised we had the wrong time. Don't worry we will check and then confirm later. Charlotte will be demonstrating this time.
Speak to you soon


Anonymous said...

Erm.. does this mean I've missed it?? It's the 17th today.. or is this 3td January?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Charlotte for allowing us to download the graphics for these gorgeous projects. I already bought the emporium cd butI can't wait to see your demos on tv/web come January.
I am sure some other crafting goodies will have to slip into my shopping cart then too.

Thankyou to your team throughout 2007 for their friendly,efficient and great value for money service. As well as all the wonderful inspiration and hard to get elsewhere computer crafting supplies !
Wishing you all a fantastic 2008.

Warm regards form Tricia in Newcastle upon Tyne